Do you know that an electric shock from your DG can be prevented?

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Do you know that an electric shock from your DG can be prevented?

Hello readers. Welcome to yet another "Blog-mation" (we modified information), about a critical aspect of your diesel generator (also known as a DG set in short), which in many cases is ignored or just taken for granted. Well, many of us know what a diesel generator is, and kudos to the advancement in technology that has gifted us with this vital machine that delivers standby power during power cuts and emergencies. To go the extra mile, you need to be aware of this concept called "earthing" for the sake of yourself and the DG set.

Understanding “Earthing” in simple terms

"Earthing" can be defined as the transfer of idle or unwanted current (electricity) through a proper conductor buried in the earth or ground as per the guidelines. Earthing prevents electric shock and also keeps the appliances running on standby power safe. Often, it is described as the "load," which simply refers to the appliances running on standalone power delivered by the diesel generator.

Earthing is often associated with the erection work that is undertaken by the company. The earthing wire is marked green, while the neutral is black.

How does it matter?

As a responsible owner of the DG set, your role is extremely important to ensure that you are powering off the diesel generator as per the norms laid by the manufacturer. Once that mains are back (electricity is back), please allow your DG set to run idle for a few seconds in order to allow extra time for the excess current and heat in the windings to nullify via external earthing cable. This reduces the unwanted stress on the core parts and keeps the machine safe.

How is earthing carried out for your DG set?

This process of earthing is carried out by a special team who installed your DG set. A pit of certain dimension is dug up to a specific depth, filled with some rock salt and coal in certain prescribed quantities and finally covered with mud. Your DG is then connected to this earth via standard guidelines by the staff. As a result you and your DG set remain safe.

However, it is always advisable not to touch the DG set. Even if there is a need, one must wear proper gear such as rubber boots and gloves that do not conduct electricity.

Are you new to this concept? Don’t worry, help is always available

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We hope this piece of writing came in handy and that you, as a reader, learned something new.

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