Diesel generator: Service FAQs

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Diesel generator: Service FAQs

Servicing a diesel generator comes with so many doubts in mind, many of which are simple day-to-day ones, but important. The internal composition of a DG set includes hundreds of interlinked components such as :

  • Fuel pumps
  • Bearings & bolts
  • Cables
  • Radiator
  • Fan & fan belt
  • Oil & oil tank
  • Alternator
  • AMF panel/control panel
  • Battery

Customers expect a lot from their diesel generators and always wish for its healthy state, but somewhere in some corner of the diesel generator a problem is brewing, invisible to the human eye. If rectified on time then well and good and if customers fail to recognise the strange behaviour of their DG set, then it is going to be a hefty affair.

Even though the how & when about the DG set is explained to the customers beforehand by the service team, there are certain questions associated with the service and maintenance of the diesel generator.

Frequently asked questions :

Q: What does diesel generator service include?

A: The DG set service primarily includes inspection of the engine parts and oil service.

Q: Do I have to pay for getting my DG set serviced?

A: Every month the service engineer visits customers' premises for free oil service, up to one year.

Q: Is there a warranty? If yes, what is the duration of the DG set warranty period?

A: Yes, customers get a 1 year warranty for the diesel generator.

Q: Will I get original spare parts for the diesel generator?

A: Yes, be assured. Customers only get the best and authentic spare parts for the diesel generators.

Q: What is the cost of the maintenance plans or service plans?

A: The customers get the best prices for the annual maintenance for their diesel generator.

Q: Is the replacement of a DG set part free?

A: The service engineers thoroughly inspect the damaged part of the diesel generator and the possible cause, before coming to a conclusion.

Service & maintenance of your diesel generator is now in your reach

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