Equipment service brochure : Relevance

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Equipment service brochure : Relevance

Excuse me, could I have your brochure please?

To bring those first set of customers to your shop or brand involves a key strategy, which is in fact simple yet mandatory. Attraction begins with a ‘brochure’. Yes, you heard that right. Sales industry or retail stores rely on branding and to depict all those colourful and attractive on sale promos, a brochure / flyer is of prime importance.

The same applies to the automobile sector also. The eyeball does not take much time to notice what the person is looking for, and yes that is where a brochure plays a vital role.

Some poor brochures just die instantly

The designing and the content of the brochure plays a crucial role. But sometimes, it is the necessity that comes into play, which turns prospective customers into confirmed purchases.

Visual appeal and striking information - DG set rental brochure

You must be like err.. What has a brochure got to do with the diesel generator? Any product that is associated with machinery is a challenge to look after. Moreover, when there are multiple competitors offering the same service, there is this cut-throat competition to woo the customers & in the end a decision is made.

Qualities of a good brochure

  • Attractive color scheme.
  • Images draw more attention than text.
  • Single sheet (side A & side B )
  • Informative data, preferably short.
  • Relevant font type and size.
  • Using words such as Sale, Prevent, Now, Save, Late, etc tends to draw customers.
  • Benefits hold a special weightage.
  • Effective call to action.

The brochure which transformed the life your diesel generator

An effective brochure affects the business greatly. For a diesel generator service and maintenance company, it is vital that they keep the best of the infographics in their brochure to enhance sales graph. One such popular company in Hyderabad, Gen Services - the hub for DG set service and repair has everything in store that you as a customer would require - from authentic & original parts for your diesel generator to oil change services; from regular service visits to attractive diesel generator annual maintenance plans.

To get your diesel generator serviced, call Gen Services on +919502256789 or visit

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