Wondering if automobile oil & industrial oil are the same?

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Wondering if automobile oil & industrial oil are the same?

Hi. We are once again ready with another interesting subject. Get your glass of lemon drink ready on this hot summer day before you dig into the topic. So, let’s begin.

We all have seen diesel generators. Those hard working souls cough out standby power to help keep you cool and calm you down during electricity outage, so that your beauty sleep is not affected due to the absence of ceiling fan and air conditioners.We are the modern upscale urban dwellers who love to have variety in everything, even with the food. Ever noticed extra virgin olive oil being used in cooking, that enhances the flavour of your food?

On that note, ever thought of the oil being used in your diesel generator? Is it the same as the oil you use for your car? If you did not know the difference in the oil, then we shall guide you.

Diesel generator oil

A diesel generator is a heavy duty machine composed of several internal parts that work in unison. As a result, there is a lot of friction and heat gets liberated. To keep the moving parts cool and reduce the wear and tear, a prescribed grade of oil is used in diesel generators. A diesel generator primarily uses mineral oil (brownish red in colour), which has a good viscosity manufactured specially for industrial machines and generators.

Were you aware that the oil of your diesel generator (DG set in short) turns black over a period of time, indicative of soot and dust particles in the air. Changing black is a positive sign of the presence of detergent additives. It must be ensured that you get the diesel generator oil replaced after 500 hours / as prescribed by the manufacturer.

Motor oil (automobile)

A motor oil is usually pale to colourless liquid, used to lubricate engine parts and keep them running by maintaining optimum temperature. A motor oil has some agents such as :

  • Dispersants
  • Detergents
  • Anti wear agents
  • Additives to prevent corrosion.
A good grade oil service for the good health of your diesel generator

Just like a regular skin moisturiser, the diesel generator also needs regular conditioning to ensure that its internal organs (parts / machinery) are well maintained, thus enhancing the longevity of the DG set. If you are someone who owns a DG set or if you know someone in your colony who is looking for the best DG set maintenance services, the Gen Services is your complete answer.

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