Ever heard of an Acoustic Enclosure

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Ever heard of an Acoustic Enclosure

Wherever there is a machine, there is noise, which is inevitable. Just like our vocal cords when we scream and shout. The difference is that you cannot shield our voice box, while a diesel generator can.

With stringent government noise abatement policies as laid down by the central pollution control board (CBCP), it has become important for the DG set manufacturers to adopt proper noise control measures. One such popular technique that comes inbuilt from the factories is the use of acoustic panels or acoustic enclosures, that reduce the sound. Did you know that sound is measured in decibels (dB)?

Why does the need for an acoustic enclosure arise?

When operational, a diesel generator emits two variants of noise, namely:

  • Mechanical noise
  • Noise from the combustion

1. Mechanical noise can arise from the vibration as the fan rotates at high speeds. Usually mild vibrations are normal and shouldn’t be a problem. Any unusual or sudden change in the sound observed should be immediately brought to the attention of the DG service centre.

2. Noise from the combustion is mainly due to the exhaust and the alternator.

An acoustic enclosure is made of mild steel, where the interiors are insulated well with fireproof material.

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