Service Engineer : Qualification that changed Ramu’s life

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Service Engineer : Qualification that changed Ramu’s life

Hi folks. You must have all heard about the term engineer and also must be well acquainted with the terminology. Ever felt relieved when the concerned staff arrives on time when you frantically call up the DG set customer care? In everyday life, we call them service staff or just technicians, but there is a specific term to address such service staff. They are known as Service Engineers.

Ramu - A bright service engineer

This is a story of Ramu, a recent tech pass out who has always been attracted towards machines and parts, found himself employed as a famous service engineer for diesel generators.

Ramu took up B.E (Bachelor of Engineering) and studied hard to explore new avenues in life. After 4 long years of studies and exams, he came out with flying colours. His mother was equally happy for him and always had faith and confidence in him. All that Ramu now needed was a job in his area of interest because he has a tremendous knowledge about machinery, electrical systems and its functioning.

He is now happy and takes up every new day as a challenge, thanks to his seniors who always assist and support him when in doubt.

Skills & qualities : Service Engineer

The job role of a service engineer is no less than that of a doctor, who always needs to stay abreast of the trends and technology in the field of diesel generator service and maintenance. It can just be about a simple bolt to competitors in the market.

  • Good communication skills.
  • Bachelor's degree in engineering (B.E or B.Tech) or technology / ITI/ Diploma.
  • Excellent mathematical and analytical skills.
  • Physically and mentally prepared.

Duties of a Service engineer

  • Commissioning / erection of the diesel generator
  • Commuting to the customer premises.
  • Explain the customer in a short and simple manner.
  • Troubleshooting.
  • Look after the alignment and vibration analysis.
  • Installation of control panels & voltage regulators.
  • DG set engine servicing.
  • Diagnosis.
  • To explain the benefits of DG set maintenance plan(s).

Get your DG sets serviced only from authorized service engineers

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