Why diesel generator services & maintenance is gaining popularity

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Why diesel generator services & maintenance is gaining popularity

Acquiring a diesel generator is like buying your favourite car, a commodity of luxury and necessity. The price , the documentation and finally the delivery. From day one, you look after it so well, driving it slowly and looking out for any dents or scratch marks. Earlier acquiring a diesel generator (DG set) was limited to only industries and later as time progressed, people started feeling their importance on the domestic front too, thereby creating a dedicated market for them.

Awareness creates a sense of responsibility

Once the DG set gets erected, it is good to go. The service provider at time of the installation explains to the customers well about the advantages of getting their diesel generator service as prescribed, and if they don’t adhere to the service schedule, then issues convert into a chain reaction. For example, there is rattling noise somewhere in the front section of the diesel generator, ignoring this issue may lead to some serious problems that may ultimately lead to a major damage of the DG set. Had this noise been rectified on time, then the customer wouldn’t have to shell out charges.

Even though the DG set is covered under warranty, it must be taken into account that not all parts fall under the warranty terms. A further detailed analysis by the service engineers will make it clear how and where the damage was.

The users of the diesel generator are now becoming increasingly aware of the importance of service due to the following reasons :

  • Delay in getting the DG set serviced will only burn their pocket in case of a major repair or damage.
  • Thanks to highly skilled and certified service engineers, who constantly educate customers about the importance of a healthy diesel generator and how valuable is their role in keeping the diesel generator in an excellent state.
  • Customers now know that if they ignore the DG set, then it might cause serious problems during power cuts and especially summer months.
  • The regular interactive service camps give prospective and existing customers of the DG set an opportunity to grasp the benefits and maintenance plans.

Just a matter of understanding in a matured way

We as consumers (of a product) take it for granted when it comes to looking after that product as directed by the manufacturer. It can be a scooter, mixer grinder or a refrigerator. Even though you have paid the price, it does not mean that you have to be ignorant or careless about the product. It’s you who has to take the initiative to keep it clean. If this is taken care off from day one then you would not have to run around the service center, sacrificing your office hours and money. For example, you are using the mixer grinder on a regular basis. Wouldn’t it be your responsibility to keep the surface and wires free from stains? This is something that a service center guy is not intended to do. It’s your job to play your part. It’s only when there is a grave problem with the machine, does the servicing come into picture.

Similarly, for your diesel generator you have to act responsibly. Make external checks, look out for noise change if any upon running the DG set. If you find something is not right then call the service team. In Hyderabad, Gen Services has emerged as the preferred hub for diesel generator service and maintenance, where authentic spare parts make up for the best DG set service experience. They are available on +919502256789 & also genserviceal.com.

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