Why pay so little attention towards DG set maintenance?

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Why pay so little attention towards DG set maintenance?

“They ignore you now, but they will need you later”

The modern day diesel generator is a no stranger to us. The much needed standby power has proved to be an elixir for enterprises and residential societies for quite some time now. One may acquire a diesel generator through purchase or even rent one, but soon after the DG set becomes close to 6 months old. It stops receiving the attention that it should receive.

We just assume and take it for granted that the diesel generator is destined to work without the need of getting it serviced and no need to shell out money. This mindset is absolutely wrong. Did you know that a DG set must undergo servicing after a certain number of running hours. This scheduled maintenance can include :

  • Inspection
  • Oil servicing
  • Detailed checks
  • Physically and mentally prepared.
  • Replacement of damaged parts ( if any)

Reasons for such a lackadaisical outlook towards the DG set :

  • Lack of awareness.
  • Assuming that the diesel generator is built to last forever, due to its boxy appearance, hence no care is needed.
  • Thinking that the maintenance is just spilling money for no good.
  • Shortage of good DG set service centres.
  • Unavailability of best spare parts due to logistical reasons or staff shortage, forcing customers to postpone the service for a later date, which never gets attended.
  • Even if the service centres are available, then poor customer support is another contributing factor.

The right attitude matters - Don’t ignore your DG set, get it serviced on time

When we proactively take our precious gold ornaments for polishing from time to time with a bucket full of enthusiasm, then why cannot we show the same level of respect and approach towards the diesel generator? Why this partiality?

Be it a luxury car or jewellery, they all have their respective purpose. Similarly, a DG set is more than a necessity. If you skip or ignore its prescribed service schedule then you are certainly bound to land into darkness. You might be thinking that is an expensive affair as far as diesel generator service is concerned, but the truth is it is even more reasonable and cheaper than your average car maintenance.

Your only hub for DG set service and maintenance

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