Diesel Generator Service Camp tips during summer months

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Diesel Generator Service Camp tips during summer months

How does it feel venturing out early in the hot sun, to educate people about the importance of diesel generator service? We know that is one helpless situation, but then it must be accomplished. March-June are challenging months, where mercury crosses the 45 degree celsius mark thus creating an atmosphere of discomfort especially for the field staff.

Some preventive measures for the service camp staff to stay cool and hydrated

  • On the day of service camp, start early for the destination, before the sun is at its peak.
  • Drink water as and when needed. Keep your empty bottle already filled up. Avoid coffee and soft drinks and street food. Carry glucose sachets with you as they deliver energy besides keeping you hydrated.
  • Use a promotional umbrella for shelter. Wear caps and light coloured uniform.
  • Do finish the promotion and campaigns early so that you have some time to relax before heading back to the origin.
  • Make sure that the service van is not directly parked under the sun. Avoid placing plastic water bottles near the steering wheel facing the sun. Any promotional material such as lubricants and oils should be stored appropriately prescribed by the manufacturer.
  • Avoid consuming chilled water before heading out and immediately after returning from the service camp.
  • Ensure that staff are comfortable and ready to participate in the service camp.
  • Try running an online campaign for the same. Since people have access to smartphones, half battle is won. This will also ensure that the diesel generator service camp has a frequency window.

Thinking of getting your diesel generator serviced this summer?

For a customer, it is not easy to suddenly look out for DG set service centres, especially during hot and humid months. To avoid any troubles amidst smooth functioning of your diesel generator, ensure that you are getting a thorough check up of the DG set according to the schedule.

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We request our readers to stay indoors and stay fit. See you soon.

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