The summer service for your diesel generator

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The summer service for your diesel generator

We are welcoming you with perspiration in its place, since the summer heat has already begun knocking our doors. Nevermind, let us begin this summer special blog with a glass of neembu-paani, where we shall be looking into some vital aspects of service for the diesel generators, especially during summer months.

March - June is harsh on your DG set

Nobody appreciates power outages, especially when summer is at its peak. So, if you have a diesel generator (DG set) at your home or business, it is your responsibility to maintain the machine on a regular basis because it is that month when the outside temperature becomes unbearable, the surface becomes hot, creating heat pockets in every available space, hammering the efficiency of your diesel generator. Since it’s a machine for standby power, the servicing and maintenance vary from season to season.

Do you know that many customers think that getting their DG set serviced is a waste of resources and that it’s just an ordinary thing? But wait! Imagine you reaching home amidst a power crisis to relax under the air conditioner or fan, feeling confident about your diesel generator back home. You turn the switch on, nothing happens, and all you can do is throw tantrums, use all the language you know in that harrowing hour, and finally repent. You and your family suffer due to the negligent action.

So, what can you do as a responsible owner of the diesel generator during the hot summer months? It’s simple.

  • Ensure that you are getting the coolant replaced. A coolant is used to keep the temperature of core internal parts of the diesel generator down. As a result the overall internal temperature lies within the manufacturer's limit.
  • Getting the radiator of the DG set cleaned is a must. Did you know that the radiator of your diesel generator helps disperse hot temperature out. Often, dust and foreign bodies get deposited in the mesh and clog the gaps on the radiator mesh / grill. Hence, cleaning it ensures uniform circulation of air and helps maintain the ambient temperature. Overheating is thus prevented.
  • Getting the diesel generator oil serviced with a prescribed grade of oil. The primary function of the oil in your DG set is to lubricate the internal machinery, thus protecting them from wear and tear. Oiling also helps reduce the temperature. As a result the efficiency of your diesel generator increases, making you stress free.

It’s time to keep yourself cool along with your diesel generator this summer

Due to complicated work schedules, there is every possibility of us missing the vital service timetable for the DG set. We as humans have various mood swings, and so do the diesel generators in every season.

During summers, if you cannot withstand a day without chilled water, juice, or soda, then imagine the plight of your diesel generator devoid of any such drink.

Hence, to keep the DG set working in an excellent condition during summer months, you can approach Gen Services, the prime hub for diesel generator services and maintenance, in Hyderabad. With a friendly and professionally certified team of service engineers and support staff, don’t give summer a chance to ruin your precious time professionally and personally. Gen Services can be reached on +919502256789 and on

It was a fantastic experience writing this column. We hope you will benefit from the information provided. Stay tuned for such hot updates. Thank you.

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