How DG set service camps changed Bholu’s perception

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How DG set service camps changed Bholu’s perception

When was the last time you had a positive and interactive session with your friend? Did you get to learn something new? Was it encouraging? This column would be portraying the power and impact of a good interaction, that features Bholu, a resident of Warangal who is a good businessman and recently availed a brand new DG set (diesel generator) an year ago.

Subject matters is valuable

Most of us assume that we no longer need any extra information or suggestions from anyone. We lose nothing even if the opposite party or the person is willing to share some vital piece of information. We should welcome opinions, facts and communication with open hands. Bholu was a hard working businessman. He recently set up a small warehouse to store vegetables and fruits from his farm, which are meant to be picked up every alternate day by the agents. So far, his produce of fresh veggies became popular in adjoining villages and cities.

To keep them fresh Bholu even got a mega diesel generator as a source of backup power for his cold storage. The service was already due and crossed the one year mark. Still, he kept ignoring and postponing the service schedule. But to his luck, nothing major took place and he, like always, was always occupied at work.

Some words leave an an overwhelming impression

Weekend has arrived. Bholu was tired and lazy. Soon after, enjoying his morning tea on his balcony, making a quick glance at the newspaper. As he was reading, his attention diverted to some energetic voices originating from the playground nearby. He got ready and made his way to the playground. As a kid, Bholu loved visiting fairs and exhibitions with his father and now, after all these years, he got carried away due to the similar looking environment, with a smile shining through.

He was surprised to know that it was an interactive service camp organised by Gen Services, the famous DG set servicing company in Hyderabad. It was the very same company that also looks after the Diesel generators, like the one owned by Bholu. The staff and the service engineers were also present at the venue who highlighted the importance of regular servicing of the Ashok Leyland DG sets and how authentic parts prolonged the lifespan of the diesel generator.

For Bholu, smooth business was important and without wasting further time he approached the senior staff member for more details. The Gen Services team happily visited Bholu’s premises and carried out the mandatory checks on his DG set and gave an all clear signal to Bholu. The relief on his face and joy indirectly was evident.

Your DG set is your responsibility.

As a responsible owner of the DG set, please, make sure that you are looking after the Diesel generator well. Make the best use of the service and authentic spares available with Gen Services, the best DG set maintenance and service provider in Hyderabad. Just drop them a mail or call on +919502256789 and

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