Give your DG sets a new lease of life

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Give your DG sets a new lease of life

As you all know that the wedding season is over for 2022. We are sure you and your diesel generator participated equally, spreading the respective energy in all directions. Now that you have relaxed well and settled in, did you ask your DG set if it is feeling well? Has it slept well?

Your DG set can give up anytime, don’t become a victim

The diesel generator is a machine, designed to deliver standby power to keep your activities and operations running even during the power cuts. Even though they are designed for heavy usage, an intelligent individual will ensure that the diesel generator gets the needed timely service by adhering to the schedule. This will keep the machine fit and healthy in all seasons.

But why do I need to keep my DG set in tip top state?

  • There could be hidden damage invisible to a normal eye such as a dent in the vital sections of the DG set. Trained service engineers will spot it much faster and rectify it.
  • Regular servicing ensures that the wear and tear are identified and replaced if any.
  • To prolong the life of your Diesel generator, timely checks are mandatory.
  • A healthy DG set is made up of only authentic spares and parts. Hence, incorporating such parts will give you confidence in the machine and give you peace of mind. A bond gets established between you and the DG set and one starts to feel more responsible.
  • There could be a fuel or oil leak , loose wire which might go unnoticed, hence hampering the efficiency of the DG set.
  • There is a possibility that you are not using the prescribed grade of diesel that might derate the performance of the DG set.
  • Batteries and electrolyte levels are not as per the manufacturer standards.

How do I avail a service appointment?

It’s easy. Whenever you purchase or rent the DG set, the most suitable service/maintenance package is explained to you by the staff. You can also opt from the service plans that you feel are helpful. These plans are completely easy to understand and totally transparent. What you see is what you get.

So, if you did not know then for your information, Gen Services is the most preferred one stop hub for your DG set’s maintenance and service in Hyderabad. The Gen Services family houses talented service engineers who know all the nooks and corners of the diesel generators. Budget friendly service plans and trust go hand in hand with Gen Services. For any queries, please feel free to contact them and their friendly staff will be there for you. Oh, they can be reached on +919502256789. So, just relax. Consider the life of your DG set extended this new year and smile.

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