Don’t worry anymore about the DG set service

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Don’t worry anymore about the DG set service

Weekend is approaching and we thought of preparing some fresh appealing quick blog-sta quickly before calling it a week. We know you feel elated the moment you realise that your diesel generator would take the charge in case of a power outage & maintain the high spirits. But, just imagine, you land up in a helpless situation with your DG set & help seems to be far away.

Have you done your part of the research?

While it might be easy to find a DG set to purchase or rent, it is quite possible that they may or may not guarantee service solutions, which often can give you tough times. Even if you manage to find one, then this uncertainty looms all over you Some questions to ask yourself :

  • 1. This is when you keep asking yourself- “ will I be charged more, would they service the DG set well, what if they give misleading information”. This is something that most of us go through and hastily we just tend to approach any ordinary repair shack to get the diesel generator serviced, only to find that something has gone terribly wrong with the repair.

  • 2. There is a good chance that in situations like these, this local makeshift repair could remove the original parts from your DG set and replace it with unauthorised, fake, low quality parts, without to your knowledge that would reduce the overall efficiency of the diesel generator in times of need.

What is the word ?

Hence, the only way to mitigate such problems is to carefully and patiently look out for authorised service dealers around you. It might take time but then you would be greatly benefited out of it in the long run. If in doubt, check their website, social media pages or talk in person. These things work to a great extent.

Did you know that Gen Services has become the best hub for service & maintenance of the DG sets, in Hyderabad. They have a fantastic pool of service engineers, authorised spares and parts to look after your diesel generator. Most important element is that the team is assuring and comforting. So, now you know that you don’t have to worry about getting your DG set serviced. They are available on +91950225678 and

Our readers should be at advantage with our blogs and this is one of our agenda. It feels good when we try to present you with something new, even if it sounds boring, there is always a purpose behind it. Stay tuned.


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