How many hours should a Diesel generator run before it undergoes service?

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How many hours should a Diesel generator run before it undergoes service?

There is no need to frown while talking about the service regime of your DG set. Will you not get your car serviced after the prescribed kilometres are clocked or face starting trouble? Wouldn’t you get your smartphone serviced immediately if it started hanging? The same level of care and attention your DG set yearns for.

We understand the value of water only when the overhead tank runs dry and you aren’t even aware of it. You do not want to get into any such situation with your DG set when you need it the most. Let us walk you through this gyan where we will be highlighting the duration after which you must get your DG set serviced.

The “WHY” factor

Folks, once you have the DG set all decked up at the premises, we understand that you are eager to feel its potential. The very next day you are good to go and that feeling is hard to contain, right? As days progress, you keep engaging the DG set for longer hours than prescribed and until you start noticing glitche every now and then. Yeah, you start feeling helpless because you never bothered to read the manual or obey the orders of the service engineer who had clearly mentioned “After every 6 months you must get it serviced”.

Placement & Exposure Due to the position and the placement of the diesel generator in places like backyards, basements, or besides the main gate, the DG set is exposed to the extremes of the weather such as dust, water, sun, and other unwanted objects such as insect webs and birds making nests. It is also possible that there might have been dents that went unnoticed over the period of time.

Wear & Tear Since a diesel generator is a complex machine that delivers standby power, the internal parts undergo tremendous amounts of stress & strain, with a possibility of wear and tear of vital components such as nuts-bolts, strange acrylic odour, Unusual vibrations, Oil and fuel leakage, Damaged shroud, internal wires etc.

Extreme usage Even though the diesel generators are designed for heavy duty usage, it is possible that frequent usage or use without proper oiling may stall the machine, leading to minor to severe damage.

Intentional or accidental damage Since the DG sets are used in apartments, hospitals and industries, it is quite possible that the Diesel generator has been a victim of the accident, caused unintentionally such as kids playing cricket or a vehicle bumping against the canopy. There are good chances that the DG set has its parts missing due to theft.

Exhausted Battery Knowingly or unknowingly, customers leave the battery in the on position that gets discharged. Even though the DG set has been powered off, it is suggested to turn-off the battery. Moreover, it is recommended that users run the DG set every 15 days so as to keep its overall health in a working condition.

Cracks in the Concrete bed - foundation Since it is mandatory to place the diesel generator on a uniform concrete bed or pad (so that dirt, mud and moisture isn’t in a direct contact with the body and also these concrete beds prevent sinking of the DG set if it were to be placed directly), due to climatic conditions there could be underlying fissures and cracks that might collapse anytime, thus compromising the integrity of the DG set.

Take the pledge

Next time you get an opportunity to have a look at your diesel generator, make sure to ask yourself if you have been taking the necessary care or not and what could be the repercussions of ignoring the service schedule of your DG set. Did you know that there is one such hub in Hyderabad that exclusively looks after your diesel generator? This hub is known as “Gen Services”, the leading DG set service provider where you will also find attractive maintenance plans along with necessary guidance.

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