Steps associated with the maintenance of diesel generator

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Steps associated with the maintenance of diesel generator

A big hello to all our new and existing readers. This special column will guide you with some essential insight to the steps involved while getting a diesel generator serviced (DG set in short). We shall keep this feature simple and easy to understand. So let’s get started.

First things first ! Why is proper maintenance of the DG set mandatory?

The theme of our blog and the above headline are interrelated.

  • Since a diesel generator serves as an excellent medium for standby power (domestic and industrial purpose), it tends to undergo extended operational hours, many times without giving it a prescribed break as suggested by the manufacturer or the dealer. This is one aspect.
  • Another aspect is when the DG set is running fine but needs some attention to keep it going.
  • Lastly, maintenance requirements can arise due an external or internal damage, which needs immediate care.

As a result, it is quite possible that the service varies with the nature of the maintenance, and we will now explore the steps involved in the maintenance of the diesel generator.

How is the maintenance performed on your DG set & parameters involved

  • There is always a warranty tenure associated with your DG set, whether you are renting it or just simply buying. In most of the cases, the warranty period lasts for two years and any issues arising within this warranty period are resolved without any service fee. Customers have the option to opt for annual maintenance plans from the DG set service provider and it would greatly benefit the DG set owners in case of emergency breakdown, servicing and many more. Did you know there is also free oil service that comes with it. Great! Isn’t it? This is greatly beneficial and customers should make the best use of it. If there is any subtle damage to your DG set within the warranty tenure, it is taken care of by the service centre and you don’t have to pay for it. The Ashok Leyland diesel generators have been making a tremendous mark amongst the customers.
  • If the customer has an emergency that needs to be addressed, then even that is sorted out by the DG set service company, at most without any charges because the service centre understands that emergencies can arise any time. However, it has also been observed that such emergencies can be human induced and in such cases it’s up to the team to decide if the customer will be charged or not.
  • Please note, that the service team is pretty quick in resolving the issue and it takes 24 hours as soon as the complaint is received. In the rarest of the cases, there could be a slight delay in meeting the deadlines, due to environmental factors. Once the service is completed, the details are updated on the spot in real time, which also gives the due date for the next service. The service details of the customer’s DG set is fed online and synchronised. At any given time, only authentic parts and spares are used that enhance the life of the DG set.
  • If the servicing is intended for major parts such as radiator fan set, disc, alternator, oil pump and coiling, then they usually don’t get covered under the maintenance warranty, because they are built to last long and the raw materials involved in their production are huge. Hence replacing or servicing them involves a systematic procedure.
  • Customers have the option of service and maintenance plans to choose from that are loaded with benefits such as discounts, if they opt for an extended term. We all like goodies, don’t we?

Simple steps with talented service engineers

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This is all folks for this week, stay tuned for more.

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